What is EventAforM ?

EventAforM is a cloud based platform for your events.

It consist of online system to manage the content of your event and multiple applications targeted to simplify the tasks related to your event like:

Visitor registration
Survey collection
Badge Printing
Notifying your customers by email or mobile notifications
Display the data about your event on the screens

What Apps connect to EventAforM Platform ?

EventAforM Connect
EventAforM Display
EventAform Self Register
EventAform Session

What EventAforM Self Register App for ?

If your visitors tired of filling up the paper forms before approaching the registration desk , this app is exactly what you are looking for. It'is an iPad application which allows your visitors to add their details on the iPad. iPad send data to the registration desk, than it's just the matter of printing out the badge.

What is EventAforM Display ?

It's an iPad application which takes all your event data and allows you to arrange it for the screen it is connected to.

Video Tutorial

Getting Started

EventAforM is multi functional and multi app environment which helps you to solve your needs for an event.

We have listed the main aspects of the EventAforM platform in this guide to help you find your ways around the system.

1. About EVENT in EventAforM platform
2. Tracking event attendance
3. Event Registration & badges
4. Creating custom questions for your visitor
5. Lead Management
6. Event Display Management
7. iPad Applications
8. Your event mobile app
9. Custom Event Applications

1. About EVENT in EventAforM platform

Event in eventAform is a digital organiser, control panel , entity for your real event. It includes all event related information starting from visitors to your power point presentation. It reflects all the needs you might face at your event. Most of them are covered in this guide.

Once the information is inserted into the event you can connect to your event from multiple apps and get benefit of the features it offers you. Every event has it's own event code and password so no one else can access your data.

2. Tracking event attendance

Tracking event attendance is a simple process it takes 3 main steps
importing data into EventAforM website
Connecting to your event on iPad by EventAconnecT
Analysing the data.
You will be using visitor module and eventAconnect iPad application to mark you visitors as attended.

Importing Data

As any event manager you have a list of visitors, it might be an Excel file or Numbers file (Mac users). You will need to export it from your application and import it into EventAforM Visitor Module. You can check video tutorial on how it is done.

Once your visitors imported into Visitors Module you will be able to see all of them in the list , which can be searched by multiple parameters like First Name, Family Name, Email, Phone.

EventAconnect iPad App, syncing visitors

Every event has event code and password using those 2 parameters you can log in into the EventAconnecT application. Once you logged in into your event it will sync all your visitors into the device from the online system. You can mark your visitors as attended in EventAconnecT application, the data will be synced back to the server and across other iPads connected to the same event. In case if your iPad is not connected to the internet it will be storing the updates about the visitor locally and than pushing it to the server upon server availability.

Analysing data

You can check visitors from the iPad and within the system online. EventAconnecT app has the exact number of visitors who attended on it's home screen. To check the the attendance from online system you need to go to the Stats module.

3. Event Registration & Badges

There are multiple ways users can be registered into the event.

Using Web form
Using EventAselF Register
Using EventAconnecT
Using Front Desk Registration

Web Form Registration
You can get the embed code from the EventAform System and paste it into your website or website page and start collecting the visitors registration into the system.

EventAself Register
iPad application specially design to collect data on site. Visitors instead of filling up the form can submit all their data from an iPad . Once registered data will be available within the EventAforM Visitors Module.

There are several scenarios this app can be used, by promoters while you are running a marketing campaign, by event personnel during the reception of the event.

Front Desk Registration
Visitors can be registered by Front Desk Managers. As Administrator you can manage the front desk users within EventAforM Visitors Module. Front Desk User has limited access to the data and can only add visitor, print and browse visitors. Editing Visitors & Deleting them is not possible.

You can categorize visitors into different groups. Each user group has the title (eg. VIPs, Standard) and color reference.

Administrator of the system and Front Desk users can print badges. Badge information consist of the First Name , Family Name, barcode or qr code, category color or category name.

4. Creating custom questions for your visitor

There are times when the default fields are not enough when you are registering visitors into your event or when you are trying to get future visitors information from the web form. Using Questions Module you will be able to add more fields to your form.

There are several options available like:
Checkbox question, multiple option question with multiple selection
Radio button, multiple option question with single selection
Date question
File attachment
Text Field

Once you have created custom fields all your apps and web form will automatically receive the update and your visitor form becomes complete.

Once data is collected you will be able to get the analytics on each questions asked in live mode.

5. Lead management

EventAforM is being used by a lot companies to manage leads during the events, exhibitions and activations. It has multiple features to offer you in the process of interacting with your customer, analysing inquiries and lead distribution.

Question module will help you to build the right forms.
Stats module will help you to analyse the data
Category manager to distribute leads.
Notification module to update and engage the customer.

6. Event Display Management

It’s hard to picture the event without displays nowadays, we have build the system to help you with that. It has 2 sides , the place where you add your data, which is eventAform online website and place where you show it physically on the screen, iPad application EventAdisplaY.

System consist of multiple modules like Files, Agenda, Questions , Sponsor Logos and more, all that information is available on the iPad EventAdisplaY app, which just need to be connected to the screen to start showing your selected content. On a top of that app allows you to select from multiple templates how your data will be shown.

7. iPad applications

EventAforM Platform has multiple iPads apps to take advantage of the technology and simplify the work process.

EventAconnecT is an app to help you during your event with the following things:
Visitors Tab, help to mark visitors attended and not attended, fill up their details, search visitors.
Scan Tab, allows your to scan QR code or barcode from the badge.
Files tab, provides with access to the event files shared by admin , it could contain word files with list of important contact, venue map pdf, seating arrangement pdf, ppt file with some important sales material and any other file, which need to be shared.

EventAselF Register application is the application design to perform only one function, let visitors to register themselves within the venue and on the day of the event.

EventAsessioN application designed for your live presentations. the times when speaker iPad need to control the attendees iPads with powerpoint presentation on them. It is used mostly on conferences and corporate event sessions.

Power point presentations can be uploaded in multiple languages into the eventaform Session Module and than they become available across all iPads.

EventAdisplaY is an iPad app designed to bring the multimedia content to the screens your event. It fetches multimedia files & data from EventAform Modules like Sponsor Logos, Files Module, News & Updates. It has a build in template manager which allows you to position your data the way you fell appealing for the visitors.

Once data is organised you just need to connect an iPad to the screen.

8. Your event mobile application

If you decided to take your event further and publish the an event into the App Store , eventaform is capable of doing that as well. Once your data is inserted you can simply access the Mobile app Module and send us the request.

Mobile app consist of multiple modules and can be customised to your needs. It might include all the data available for your event and it is unto you to decide what goes live. It has a notification module to make sure your visitors are unto date with all news related to your events.

9. Custom Event Applications

We understand that each event requirement is unique and sometimes you want to take advantage of some new technology. We have large experience in customising the app for your particular event. Send us the request and we will assist you with your custom needs.


Support Email

We are currently setting up our eventaform feedback system.
Meanwhile please contact us at support@eventagrate.com

01 March 2014

EventAselF released on the app store. To help you with visitors self registration.

27 March 2014

EventAforM 1.2 released on the Appstore.

08 Feb 2014

Visitor Management Video Released. Watch it here.

04 Feb 2014

EventAconnect Application Released
Paypal payment is available to upgrade your visitor limit.
Visitors category tab is open in beta.

20 Jan 2014

Sponsor Module is now active.

19 Jan 2014

Web form registration is added in Visitors module.
Front Desk module access is now fully functional.

01 Jan 2014

Platform is available for alpha testing for our existing customers.

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