What is EventAforM ?

EventAforM is a cloud based platform for your events.

It consist of online system to manage the content of your event and multiple applications targeted to simplify the tasks related to your event like:

Visitor registration
Survey collection
Badge Printing
Notifying your customers by email or mobile notifications
Display the data about your event on the screens

What Apps connect to EventAforM Platform ?

EventAforM Connect
EventAforM Display
EventAform Self Register
EventAform Session

What EventAforM Self Register App for ?

If your visitors tired of filling up the paper forms before approaching the registration desk , this app is exactly what you are looking for. It'is an iPad application which allows your visitors to add their details on the iPad. iPad send data to the registration desk, than it's just the matter of printing out the badge.

What is EventAforM Display ?

It's an iPad application which takes all your event data and allows you to arrange it for the screen it is connected to.

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